Know Your City

This project was implemented while I was working as the Country Manager at Code for Sierra Leone

About the Project

Know Your City is a web based tool that aims to map out all infrastructure facilities available in the informal settlements in Freetown. By mapping out hazard areas prone to flooding and other natural disasters, the project aims to make this vital information publicly available, so that the relevant stakeholders can put pressure on the government to work toward speedy relief of the people living in these areas.

The Objectives of the Platform

The project aims to identify disaster prone areas and map out possible mitigation measures. During the time of a natural disaster such as flash floods, the portal would make its data publicly available to the other relevant authorities so that it can help them in expediting the process.

The First Prototype of the Project

The following screenshots are the first prototypes of the application

Map of the Infrastructure Facilities in the Informal Settlements
Map of the Infrastructure Facilities in the Informal Settlements
Information about Emergency Centres
Information about Emergency Centres

The Next Stage of the Application

KnowYourCity is ready to be deployed in the field in the informal settlements. The team is currently actively searching for partnerships with organizations that work toward advocacy of slum dwellers in Freetown.